Testing and assessment



Students are expected to complete all assessment tasks to the best of their ability.

The purpose of assignments is to broaden student learning and develops student skills such as researching, summarising, evaluating and synthesising information. To assist students in preparing assignments, some class time will be allocated for work to be completed under supervision.

Students are expected to    

  • Bring assignment drafting to school for use during class time and to allow for checking by teachers

  • Present a rough draft to their teachers by the due date. Students will receive feedback from their teacher in a timely manner.  Parents/Guardians will be notified if their child does not submit their draft.  Late assignments may only receive limited feedback.  

  • Plan ahead and print assignment work early. Computer or printer breakdown will NOT be accepted as an excuse for the failure to submit assessment on the due date.

  • Submit all written assessment on A4 paper unless otherwise negotiated with specific teacher. 

  • Ensure all assessment tasks submitted are the original work of the student.

  • Submit the final copy of the assignment either to their teacher or the School Office by 3.45pm on the due date unless there are special circumstances.  Each situation will be judged on its merit and extensions are not automatically granted.

Students must not submit: 

  • Word-for-word copying of sentences or paragraphs which are the work or data of other persons.

  • Closely paraphrased sentences or paragraphs without acknowledgment.

  • Work which has been produced by someone else on the student’s behalf as if it were the work of the student.

  • Work done in conjunction with other people (other students, a tutor, parents) when it is claimed to be the student’s own independent work.

  • Computer files copied in whole or in part without indicating their origin.

Requests for Extension

Complete a ‘Request for Extension’ form if an extension of an assignment is requested.

  • Extensions are granted by a Deputy Principal or Head of Department prior to the due date and should be handed to their teacher at least 2 days before the due date of the assignment. If the reason for extension is due to illness, students are required to supply a medical certificate.

  • Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students may produce a medical certificate or their parent must contact the teacher on the due date to discuss the circumstances.

  • Absence on due date, due to special circumstances - e.g. bereavement. Parents should contact the teacher directly to explain the circumstances.

Please note: 

  • Failure to complete an assignment means that course requirements for that subject are not complete and a rating may not be given.

  • When an assignment is submitted after the due date, credit will be given only for work seen by a teacher on or before the due date unless an extension has been granted.

  • Failure to complete assignments may result in a student failing to gain credit for that semester. 


Parents are encouraged to advise the School Office or the appropriate Head of Department if their child is absent on the day of a scheduled examination. Students will require a medical certificate in order to satisfy examination and certification requirements. Students may NOT sit exams before the scheduled date. 


Information on student performance is readily available to students and parents.  Reporting to parents is maintained through:

  • Student Report Cards are posted home to all parents as a Mid Semester 1, End Semester 1 and End Semester 2 Report for all year levels. 
  • Parent-Teacher Reporting Evenings occur early in Terms 2 & 3.

Parents and/or teachers may request interviews at mutually agreeable times regarding the scholastic progress or behaviour of the students at any time throughout the year. Parents should make appointments through the school office.

Last reviewed 03 June 2021
Last updated 03 June 2021