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P&C Presidents Report

As 2019 draws to a close, I would like to take time to reflect on the efforts and achievements of the Oakey SHS P&C this year.  Firstly, I would like to thank my fellow executives Mrs Fiona Ireland (Secretary) Mrs Melanie Williamson (Treasurer) and Miss Jenni Timperley (Vice President) for their support and endless hours as a volunteer. To our members, Mrs Carey Krahenbring (tuckshop convenor), school staff and the community thankyou to your support throughout the year.

This year has been jammed packed. It started with the P&C purchasing;

Air conditioning for the Science labs and the Art room, which has made a pleasant learning space for students and staff.  

Replacing school signs at the administration building, Northern carpark and tuckshop entrance.

On the 10 March we hosted a round robin touch football fundraiser, there where games of touch football played throughout the day even with soaring temperature reaching the high 30's and a BBQ sizzling in the background. It was a successful event and I would like to say thanks to all who participated on the day and a special thankyou to Miss Jamie Federoff for the organising of the event.

 In the upcoming months we introduced the containers for exchange program, we have six bins placed around the school, in return these funds help support the needs and wants of the school.

Another mile stone for the year was the joint adventure between Oakey SHS and the P&C the drilling of a new bore (the old bore had collapsed and was no longer variable) what a gamble, after what seemed forever, we struck water and now have a lovely green inviting oval for our students to play their various sports.

There is now a school tracksuit available it consists of a warm stylish jacket and tracksuit pants, it is only available for Rags, Nags and Roses Oakey. It is wonderful to see our students wearing the tracksuit with pride and looking smit.

Another year of success for the tuckshop. Thanks to our tuckshop convenor and volunteers who continue to offer a smart choice menu offering a variety of healthy food options. This year we introduced smart choice fruit slushies for those hot summer days.  The tuckshop always welcomes volunteers so if you can spare a few hours a week it would be greatly appreciated.

In the background the P&C have applied for several grants for more air conditioning and an upgrade of the tuckshop. At time of this publication the results weren't released.

The P&C is a welcoming community group who is always looking for new members and ideas. Looking forward to seeing new and old faces in the upcoming year.

On behave of the Oakey SHS P&C we wish you a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Year

Sharon Federoff

2019 Oakey State High School P&C President

Meeting details:

AGM: 19th February 2020, 5.30pm in Admin building

Time: 5:30pm, Tuesday on:

24th March / 12th May / 16th June / 18th August / 27th October

Venue: Oakey State High School Admin block

Contact details:

President: Sharon Federoff (

Vice Presidents: Jennifer Timperly

Secretary: Lisa Milne (

Treasurer: Mel Williamson (

Last reviewed 04 March 2020
Last updated 04 March 2020