Uniform shop


The Uniform shop is run by the P&C, where uniforms of past students are donated and 'sold' for $5 a piece. 

Uniform and Student Dress Code

The school dress standard for students has been endorsed by the Oakey State High School P&C Association in consultation with the school community and school Principal. It is designed to contribute to and support a healthy and safe learning environment which allows students to participate in all school activities. We are a team and want to dress like a team.

Girl’s School Uniform

  • Blue check skirt with 6 knife pleats front and back. (Fabric: Crestalene 7093)
  • Blue overblouse trimmed with blue check skirt fabric. (Fabric: Poplin 225)
  • Blue check crossover tie worn with the overblouse
  • Short white socks for juniors or plain black coloured stockings for senior students.

Boys’ School Uniform

  • Short sleeved shirt in blue herringbone patterned fabric with logo. (Fabric: Cleolene 8054). Shirt worn tucked in
  • Grey shorts or grey trousers with zip fly and worn with a black belt
  • Maroon tie (optional)
  • Short grey socks with long trousers and long grey socks with blue and maroon stripe to be worn with shorts.

Unisex Clothing

  • Black, leather, lace-up shoes. Black, leather jogging shoes are acceptable
  • Zippered maroon jacket, with school logo
  • Maroon Jersey with white collar and button-up tab, with school logo
  • Plain maroon coloured jersey or track top with no commercial logo or image
  • Plain maroon coloured track pants with no commercial logo or image
  • Senior Jersey (Year 12 students only). 

Day Uniform

  • Maroon shorts of appropriate length with elasticised waist but no commercial logo
  • Maroon, blue and white tab front sports shirt with blue collar and Oakey State High School woven into the collar
  • Plain maroon coloured jersey or track top with no commercial logo or image
  • Short white socks.

The Uniform Loan Process

  • Exemptions may be granted for special circumstances. Students who are not in appropriate school uniform must collect a Uniform Pass before school commences at Student Services.
  • On the 4th occasion the student is out of uniform, the loan process will be instigated.
  • This means the student will be asked at Student Services to swap a garment (shirt, jumper, track-pants) for a generic, logo- free school approved item.
  • Contact with home will be made by Student Services.
  • Parents experiencing financial hardship or difficulty providing uniforms will always be supported. We lend all uniform items, confidentially to students.

Trade Training Centre (TTC)

  • Students participating in the whole day programs at the TTC are required to wear the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) as advised by TTC staff.

Free Dress Days

The Student Council may hold a number of free dress days throughout the year. Students who choose to come out of uniform are required to wear proper shoes that meet our Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Thongs, sandals, scuffs etc. are not permitted. Clothing must be modest (e.g. singlets, midriff tops, see through clothing are not acceptable) and not have offensive messages or images displayed.
Students who do not meet these basic requirements will be required to change/sent home.
Students coming in free dress are required to make a gold coin donation to the Student Council.

Grooming and Accessories

  • All grooming and accessories should be appropriate to the school setting. Long hair (hair over the collar) should be tied back for Workplace Health & Safety reasons.
  • Students may wear plain gold or silver sleeper or stud earrings. Other jewellery (e.g. rings, bracelets and necklaces) should not to be worn.
  • Facial piercings must be clear, covered or removed. Where there is a Workplace, Health and Safety issue, piercings must be covered or removed.
  • Students may wear minimal natural coloured makeup or clear nail polish. Makeup/polish remover will be issued to students wearing inappropriate makeup or nail polish.
  • Obviously tinted hair colour and outlandish hairstyles are not appropriate.
  • Hats/caps (with brim facing forward) are not to be worn inside buildings.
  • Visible graffiti and/or body art on arms, legs, face or hands should be covered.
All parents and students are reminded that by law Oakey State High School, after consultation with its community has elected to be a “uniform school”. As such the school administration is empowered to enforce the wearing of uniform through reasonable sanctions against those who choose not to wear the school uniform.

Sun Smart Expectations

Our Sun Smart expectations are that students will:
  • wear a hat while on the oval or the basketball/tennis courts
  • wear a hat while engaging in any outdoor activities e.g.: sport, agriculture, etc.
  • take responsibility for their health and safety by applying sunscreen at sporting carnivals
  • use shaded or covered areas, where possible, for outdoor activities
Last reviewed 29 January 2021
Last updated 29 January 2021