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The school dress standard for students has been endorsed by the Oakey State High School P&C Association in consultation with the school community and school Principal.  It is designed to contribute to and support a healthy and safe learning environment which allows students to participate in all school activities.
Students in Years 7 – 10 must wear the school uniform every day except on days when they participate in physical activities (e.g. Drama, sport, swimming) when they can wear the sport uniform.
Students in Years 11 and 12 are invited to wear the school uniform every day.

Special Notes about the uniform

Exemptions may be granted for special circumstances and must be requested from the Principal.


Students who are not in appropriate school uniform must collect a Uniform Pass before school commences at Student Administration Services.  If the student does not have a note from their parent/guardian, the student may be given a Detention for that day. 


Parents experiencing financial hardship or difficulty providing uniforms may approach the Principal at any time to make individual arrangements.

​​Formal Uniform

Information which the parent/guardian is required to bring to the enrolment interview includes:

  • Blue check skirt with 6 knife pleats front and back. (Fabric:  Crestalene 7093)
  • Blue ryan style overblouse trimmed with blue check skirt fabric. (Fabric:  Poplin 225).
  • Blue check crossover tie worn with the overblouse. 
  • Short white socks or plain black coloured stockings for senior students.


Boys’ School Uniform:

  • Short sleeved shirt in blue herringbone patterned fabric with logo. (Fabric: Cleolene 8054). Shirt worn tucked in.
  • Grey shorts or grey trousers with zip fly and worn with a black belt.
  • Maroon tie.  
  • Short grey socks with long trousers and long grey socks with blue and maroon stripe to be worn with shorts.


Unisex Clothing:

  • Black, leather, lace-up.  Black, leather jogging shoes are acceptable.  Other sports shoes are to be worn with sports uniform only, not with dress uniform
  • Zippered maroon jacket, with school logo.
  • Maroon Jersey with white collar and button-up tab, with school logo.
  • Senior Jersey (Year 12 students only).
  • Plain maroon track pants or slacks (girls) may be worn with the maroon school jacket/ jersey.

Sports Uniform

  • Maroon shorts with elasticised waist
  • Maroon, blue and white tab front sports shirt with blue collar and Oakey State High School woven into the collar.
  • Shoe colour should blend with school colours. (To be worn for sport & P.E. only).
  • Short white socks.
  • Maroon caps (available from local stores handling the school uniform) or the school bucket hat (available from Student Administration Services).



Last reviewed 14 October 2019
Last updated 14 October 2019