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Principal’s welcome

I like to go for a wander at lunchtimes. So do both the deputies. You will see them at the gate and bus stop as school exits more days than not. While sometimes we seem chained to our offices, it’s the last place we want to be as a team.

I would be deluded to say it has been a smooth term from a behavioural point of view. The vast majority of students live our expectations EVERY day but some have made really bad decisions lately despite the support we have offered them.

Our P and C is clear that if people are damaging the learning of others we want that stopped. The debate rages from this point onwards about suspensions. If I had a dollar $ for every parent who told me it’s a “holiday” for the kids, I would have about $345.

My oldest got suspended for fighting in grade 9 when we lived in Cairns. He didn’t get a holiday and he has never been suspended again.

2019 has seen us change the way we do a range of things at OSH. The HUB is a work in progress but a tangible example of supporting students and trying to minimise external suspension while maximising support.

BYOX has taken off beautifully under the expert guidance of Rob Cantle and enthusiastic staff and students. While I am the last to lecture on IT matters, even a dinosaur can know it’s the way of the world and we don’t want Oakey left behind.

Back to my stroll at lunch- I bumped into some grade 7s, fresh back from camp- they loved it. Thanks to the seniors and staff that made time to be there for our youngest school members. Camps are often 19 hour days. I salute everyone who made it another success.

Deb Goudie and all the Ag plot get a couple of visits each term from me at lunch. Did you hear the one about Deb putting up the Warwick High Ag team because the showgrounds were rained out? What a force of good for Oakey High she and the team are. She doesn’t just measure success by ribbons but respectful conduct. Go Deb.

Further down the way I stopped in at the Yarning Circle- just to gaze at it. It’s 5 degrees cooler than anywhere else. It has an aura. It is amazing. It will be open for real business, to everyone soon. I declare it the best in the State- why not the nation? Come and have a look at it.

Just around the corner the teacher/student band with Paddy on key boards and Clement and Holgate on strings is churning through a Queen number. Sounding good.​

Almost as good as our drum Corp, trying to find a cool spot to rehearse ahead of Anzac Day. Led by Bec Birch, they are shaping up beautifully.

Have a fine Easter break when it arrives. During the holidays ask your child what their attendance rate is. If it’s below 90% and they haven’t been sick or had family hardship- why? They won’t get the results they want below 90% attendance.

Hope the Bunny is kind to all.

Danny Keenan