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Principal’s welcome


Attendance is our number one priority at Oakey High in 2017.

Term 1 saw us with an encouraging rate of 90% but we are aiming beyond that. Every Day Counts.  

We have implemented a raft of new initiatives to support students and families around every day counting. Did you know that if a student misses one day a fortnight over 12 years of school they would have given away more than a year of learning? I didn’t. Makes you think.

It doesn’t matter how good the curriculum, facilities or teaching is if students are not present.

What have we done so far?

  • Employed a dedicated Attendance Officer in Jacque Fulton

  • Assisted all 460 students to calculate their own attendance percentage every 5 weeks

  • Rewarded 74 students, who achieved 100% attendance in Term 1, with a $10 tuckshop voucher

  • Rewarded more than 200 students with 95% attendance or better

  • Published form and year level attendance on every parade

  • Started a breaky club on Mondays and Fridays - our worst attended days of the week

  • Asked parents how we can assist them to get their children to school

  • Rewarded students with VIVOs ( that lead to a range of prizes) for their attendance, and involved many businesses in Campbell Street

  • Focused on positive behaviour so kids feel supported

Last year the attendance rate for Term 2 was about 87%. That might seem like a small slide but it makes a huge difference. Bottom line: students will not reach their potential attending at 87%. We all need to pull together to create an atmosphere where being at school every day is the norm.

Our Open Rugby League team opened its account with a sensational 44-10 victory over Wilsonton High recently. Wilsonton is a school with about twice as many students and an excellence program. Our win was a real achievement for us.

The game was part of the G.I.O. Cup - an Australia wide competition.

Guess what one of the conditions for being in the comp is? Size, strength, good forward pack, blistering backs??


You must have at least 85% attendance to be involved. It is a privilege to represent the school in anything and I can vividly recall the pride I felt in pulling on the first 13 jumper for rugby league power house Ignatius Park in Townville some 30 years ago. These memories stick - but only if students are at school.

Please contact us if there is anything we can do for your son or daughter around attendance, or if you have any ideas about how we can help kids, parents and carers get them here every day.

Danny Keenan