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School Management

If a change of address, phone number or other details occurs during the year, the school office should be notified in writing so our records can be updated. An up to date contact phone number is essential in case of accident or illness.
Parents should inform the school Administration of any relevant medical issues pertaining to their student at enrolment or as they arise.
By law, staff is not permitted to administer un-prescribed medication.  Students cannot be given a headache tablet etc.  If a student needs to take medication prescribed by a medical practitioner, the following procedures must be followed:
  • Parent/Guardian must complete a “Request to Administer medication at School” form.
  • Pharmacist/physician’s directions for administration of the medication must be written on the container.  The absence of instructions means school personnel cannot administer the medication.
  • All medication must be left at the Administration Office.
  • The school will advise Parent/Guardians of out of date medication.


Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is a cornerstone of the behaviour management plan of Oakey State High School and is currently being introduced.
PBL places emphasis on the behaviours that the school (and the wider community) wants to see in their students. Our PBL program provides rewards for positive behaviour and acknowledges students who display our school values (Respect, Excellence, Participation, Personality and Safety).
The program also involves students being explicitly taught how to behave in a way that reflects these values. In this way, the PBL program works to prevent poor behaviour in the first place, rather than simply reacting to it. Overall, the emphasis is on expecting and reinforcing positive behaviours rather than focusing on those students who behave in an undesirable manner.
Evidence gathered from schools where PBL has been adopted shows that, for these schools, there has been:
       A reduction in suspensions
       Lower rates of undesirable behaviour
       Increased participation by students, and
       Improved academic performance and better subject results.
While it does take some time for these benefits to become apparent, it is anticipated that the adoption of PBL by Oakey State High School will deliver these outcomes for our students and our school.
All parents and visitors to the school must report to the Administration Office for permission to be on school grounds.  Approval is not automatically granted and each case will be dealt with on its merits.
School bags, calculators, items of clothing etc. should be clearly marked with the owners name and, if possible, an identifying mark.  Students are asked to leave valuable items at home or, if they must be brought to school, they should be left in the safety of a teacher or Student Administration Services. 
To prevent theft, students should not leave money in their bags but should always carry money with them.  Large sums of money should be handed to Student Administration Services for safe keeping.   
Lost Property
All lost property is kept at Student Administration Services. If students lose personal property, they should check with Student Administration Services immediately.
The Department of Education and Training does not carry insurance policies against injury to students or their property. This is a parental responsibility.