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Students are expected to consolidate what has been taught at school by home study.  Students should revise what has been done at school during the day.  Assignment work is an integral part of some courses of study and failure to submit such assignments may affect academic results.  As students study a variety of subjects, some of which require more assignments to be done than in others, it is difficult to set an exact amount of time that should be spent on home study. 
However, it is expected that the average student would spend the following time on homework:
            Year 7:                          45 mins per night
            Year 8 & 9:                   1 hour per night
            Year 10:                        90 min per night
            Year 11 & 12:              2 hours per night
Students pursuing academic programs may need to spend more time than that indicated above.
Some study hints
  1. Motivation is most important. Students must be aware of why they are studying a subject.
  2. Students must write down in class the work set by the teacher.  This is the minimum to be done.  Students must constantly revise, read more widely about the subject, do problem solving of his/her own, etc.
  3. Students should question teachers closely on any aspect of the work, even the simplest aspects, if they do not understand.
  4. Following an absence from school, students should approach their teachers to discover what they missed and seek their help in making up the deficiency immediately.
  5. At home, students should, as far as possible, be isolated from distractions during the time of study e.g. radio, television, visitors.
There is no such thing as “No homework”. Students of high school age can be expected to revise, read and research subject related matter if they have no set tasks or assignments.  Please contact the relevant Head of Year if you have any concerns.