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What's cooking in Home Ec!!

Year 7 classes are working on their Design and Technology units. One class is designing and creating their own LOGOs which will be applied to their utility bag in a Textile Technology context. Use of colour, lettering types and image shapes are factors influencing their designs. They are also learning about the uses of textiles in our world and how much our lives depend on them. This class is progressing very well and will have completed this assessment task by end of week 10. Stay tuned for photos of our completed bags.
Our other Year 7 class is working in Food Technology and have been learning about safe work practices in the kitchen, accurate measuring skills, cooking techniques and management of resources. The knife skills of several students are very impressive. Students have been taking home samples of coconut weet-bix slice, savoury pinwheels, mini pizzas,and Herb and Noodle Bake. Students are now working on their assessment task in which they are required to design a savoury muffin by adapting a sweet muffin recipe. The results have been delicious, and they looked good too (pictured).

Our textile room has been busy this term as Year 8s construct their shorts. They are a very enthusiastic group and some speedy workers are already inserting elastic before finishing hems. Those who finish early will be given an opportunity to design and create with colour and patterns. Great work from these students too.
Years 9s are well on their way to completing their “hoodies” in their design and textile course. They have been involved in learning about textiles, and techniques for sewing  knit fabric. There are some very cleverly designed hoodies using contrasting colours in blocks,  ribbing, and in the application of pockets. We will bring you photos of these in a later edition.
The 10s are testing their creativity in the Foods by Design Unit. Currently they are undergoing an assessment task where they have been evaluating and experimenting on various “food parcels”- spring rolls, rice paper rolls, pies, feta cheese triangles, apple strudels, etc. They have been using various pastries, wraps and fillings and then analysing products with their senses - exploring appearance, texture, aroma and flavour.  Ultimately they will design their own parcel which must have a multicultural influence and we’re looking forward to their creations.
NAPLAN kept Year 11 Hospitality students busy as they prepared nutritious and tasty breakfasts for the Year 7s and 9s. Delicious toasties, pancakes, muffins and juice were on the menu and many students took advantage of the lovely food. A big thank you to those students who assisted with the last minute preparation and to Tomika and Killum who served the breakfasts each morning. This activity forms part of the Certificate course students are working on. Workplace health and safety, cleaning and sanitising processes, and sandwich preparation are all being covered this term.
Year 12 Hospitality students are currently being introduced to the skills and knowledge required to prepare and serve a range of teas, coffees and other non-alcoholic beverages. They will be required to plan café ventures in order to make and present food and beverages to paying customers within acceptable time frames and to acceptable standards. We wish them good luck with their cafés.